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Ep68: Brad Carlson reCHARGED

September 28, 2022 Dr. Keri Ohlrich & Kelly Guenther
reCHARGE® Your Life
Ep68: Brad Carlson reCHARGED
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"What we choose to be, we become." For Brad Carlson, the journey to self-awareness, fitness, and coaching others to be the best version of themselves started from realizing that he was not the best version of himself. Brad shares how, in 2013 sitting alone his own dog, "Lucky", looked at him in disbelief at who he had become.  Unhappy, overweight and alone. It was in that moment that Brad shares his brave journey to not only live the best version of his life, but to help others embark on their best lives as well.

Brad Carlson is a certified health coach, spiritual practitioner, author and speaker. He guides others on a journey of self-discovery into becoming fit, happy and healthy based on what works for them and their own interpretations of being fit, happy and healthy. He is also the creator of the MindStrong mindset training and audio programs for developing the mindset you need to become a better version of yourself.

He has coached hundreds of student athletes and dozens of adult clients for greater health and happiness in their life. He is an avid outdoor trail and adventure runner, and is now applying his hand at stand-up paddle boarding. He holds a BS in Biology and an MS in Environmental Science. He speaks three other languages besides English and has lived or traveled extensively in more than 12 countries. 

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Keri [00:00:14] Welcome to the Recharge Your Life podcast with me Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. We are thrilled to talk to people who have made a decision that recharges their lives. Often they push themselves out of their comfort zones and took risks. We want to know about that decision point. Why did they make that decision? And most importantly, how can we learn from them? Kelly and I are passionate HR professionals, and together we co-founded our HR consulting firm Abbracci Group. We have talked to amazing people throughout our careers and listen to them as they make decisions that change their lives and knew that these inspirational stories would help others. And why did we call it reCHARGE®? It's based on a book I coauthored called The Way of the HR Warrior. And in it we have a leadership medal CHARGE which stands for Courage, Humility, Accuracy, resiliency, goal oriented and exemplary. We know that people used one or more of these qualities to help them make their decisions, and we want to learn from them. Now sit back, listen, and be inspired by these stories and then do something to recharge your life. Let's get to it. 

Kelly [00:01:20] Hi, everyone. It's Kelly. We're so thrilled to have Brad Carlson as our special guest. Brad is a certified health coach, spiritual practitioner, author and speaker. He guides others on the journey of self-discovery into becoming fit, happy and healthy based on what works for them and their own interpretations of being fit, happy and healthy. He's also the creator of the Mindstrong mindset training and audio programs for developing the mindset you need to become a better version of yourself. He's coached hundreds of student athletes and dozens of adult clients for greater health and happiness in their life. He's an avid outdoor trail and adventure runner and is now applying his hand at stand up paddle boarding. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Environmental Science. He speaks three other languages besides English and has lived or traveled extensively in more than 12 countries. Brad, thank you so much for being a guest on our podcast. We always like to start our podcast by asking what you do when you want to expand your thinking. 

Brad [00:02:29] Well. Hi, Keri and Kelly, thank you so much for having me here. I definitely appreciate it. So, yeah, your question, what do I do to expand my thinking? I had to think about that for a second. And I want to be completely honest and transparent. When I want to expand my thinking, my consciousness, I turn to my higher power, my, my God or universe. I don't know how to say it, and I simply ask that question what I'm challenged with in life now and kind of go from there and wait until the answer is revealed. 

Keri [00:03:03] Hmm. Hi, Brad. Thank you so much for joining us. Have you always had a spiritual practice. Is this kind of from childhood you've had it or did did this kind of recently come to be for you? 

Brad [00:03:18] You know, that's that's interesting. For a very, very long time, I had no practice of any kind, spiritual or anything, no religion or no anything, no no connection with God or anything. And then, long story short, I was coaching a youth youth soccer team. And anyone that has ever coached youth sports before knows what a tumultuous environment that can be and how controversial an environment that can be. And so stressful, I guess. So anyway, I was relieved of my coaching duties, putting it mildly from one team in particular. And so I picked up a book by John Wooden. He was the basketball coach there at UCLA who won all those championships. But he said something very interesting in his book. He says, "If you want to be an effective mentor and role model and youth sports coach, you have to have a relationship with God." And that's what started my path down, spirituality and all that. And then I don't know if you're familiar with the "Conversations with God" series, but that's had a huge impact on me as well. And that's that's the series of books I do turn to when I'm really struggling and trying to figure out what to do next or where to go or how to do it, anything like that. 

Keri [00:04:35] Wow. What have you. Before we get to the bigger question, I just want to know that that's really interesting that that in that book, John Wooden said you need to have this relationship with God and it really spoke to you. What's the difference you've seen in how you make decisions now or manage some of these issues now that you have a better relationship, I should say a spiritual relationship? 

Brad [00:05:02] I make decisions from a place of love more than a place of fear. I make decisions based on the greater good versus my own ego. I focus...I'm more aware on the person I'm being and how I'm showing up in life. And when you get to the next question, that will be part of my answer to is as the big defining decision or moment. But over the last couple of years, my my relationship has deepened and my studies are deepened. And so now I often come from a place of just pure peace and contentment, knowing that everything is provided for, everything is taken care of, and that life is perfect, just is happening, you know, just as it's supposed to be happening in the moment, shaping you into the person shaping and molding you into the person that you're supposed to be. 

Keri [00:05:55] That is. So I just thought we could end right now with what you just said. That's so beautiful about making the decisions from a place of love and not from fear and ego. I would assume, Brad, we could have a whole discussion about looking at people who are making decisions based on fear and ego, and that is usually not the best path. 

Brad [00:06:14] So that's the world today. Yeah. 

Keri [00:06:16] So yeah. So I just that is such a beautiful sentiment and thank you for sharing that. And just that is I almost think Kelly, that's like the tagline for the, for the podcast, even if we haven't even asked the bigger question, but it's such a beautiful, such a beautiful sentiment and such a beautiful way to make a decision. Kels Writing it down right now, I know. Kelly Right. 

Kelly [00:06:40] Agreed. And if we could all choose to live that way, wouldn't it be a great place. 

Keri [00:06:46] Yes. Yes. So, Brad, we need to follow your your teachings. So I'm so glad you're with us already, Brad. We're done. Just published this. 6 minutes in. Okay. 

Brad [00:06:57] Well, there you go. You can write that down. One of your words of wisdom or whatever. 

Keri [00:07:02] Exactly. Exactly. Brad. So now you already kind of teased us with what is the decision that you made or was made for you that changed the trajectory of your life? And what are some of those charge qualities that maybe you used to help you make that decision? 

Brad [00:07:20] So the decision that I made or I guess was made for me, so it's part of my story. And I think this is larger than my biography on my my iPod Match page. But when I was in the middle of my divorce, I still remember a suburb. 2013, I was sitting on my couch. It was just me all alone in this big, big, really big house. And I was trying to get my my dog to come over to me, my cocker spaniel, who was my best friend and was the only one I really had to rely on. And I was like, "Come here, boy, come here, boy." And he would not come over to me. He just looked at me like I'm a total loser. And he turned around and he went back to his bed. I still to this day, this was gosh, nine years ago, almost ten years ago. And I still remember the look in his eye. And I still remember him turning around and going back to his bed, which was right in front of the fireplace and laying down on it. And then him giving me this look just like, you know, he knew something was up and something was wrong and he didn't want to have anything to do with me. And in that moment, I don't know how it happened, but that's when the decision happened. I call it my second miracle when the bolt of lightning hit me. But in that moment, I realized that what we focus on we become and who we choose to be, we have a choice and who we choose to be and how we show up. And from that moment for going forward in my life, up until that point, I had realized that, you know, for example, I had focused on not being a couch potato or what was I being a couch potato that was overweight and lethargic. I had focused on not wanting to be a grumpy, uptight, irritable husband and father. Well, what was I was a very grumpy, uptight, irritable husband and father. And so then I realized, okay, I have to focus on what I want to become and who I want to be. And that decision changed my life forever. And that's what I tell everybody. Focus on what you want to become. And that's the very first part of any program I teach now is, okay, we've got to decide who is it you want to be? What does the higher version of you look like? You know, that's the vision. That's the point. I call it. That's who you're meant to be or who you want to be. And then the mind. So you know what part of reCHARGE® I use a lot of? I use a lot of the courage, humility, awareness and accuracy and certainly goal oriented. I set a lot of goals for myself after that. That led to where I am today. But that from that and this is getting into your last question to him, I might say for everybody, but from that moment on, you know, I focused on three things in life is, you know, who are you? Who do you want to be? You know, focus on who you want to become. Have your mindset focus on 100% on that. You know, always choose faith over fear. You know, always choose certainty over uncertainty. And so I started to do things from that. And then then the third part of that, my first miracle actually, which happened was when I understood my why, why am I on this journey? Why am I on this planet? And those three things, those are my three take on things. I'm kind of jumping ahead here. But that was a decision. One, my dog wouldn't look at me. That changed my life. It's just like the universe hit me over the head with a to die for to, you know, you get to decide who it is you wish to be. And whatever you focus on is as you become is what you become. So. Wow. 

Keri [00:10:42] Thank you, Brad. First of all, the most I think the most condense gas like you just sort of like lay it all out. So I appreciate it. And now I'm going to make you go backwards. 

Brad [00:10:53] Okay. 

Keri [00:10:54] Yeah. Let's dig in a little bit more. So let me. So you're on the couch and you said 2013, right? It really is. 

Brad [00:11:00] 2013. Yeah. Wow. 

Keri [00:11:02] And so the dog who is quote unquote man's best friend, the dogs like they're not going to come over to you. Yeah. And you were you before this happened, you were so focused on what? And let me just make sure I get it right. You were so focused on what not to be like. I'm not going to be this. I'm not going to be this that you eventually just became that. Is that correct? Yeah. Okay. So so take us back a little bit. Like, were you getting accolades for not like what was kind of fueling the that not being a couch potato and being grumpy? Jeremy, even though you said you weren't going to be like, unpack that a little bit, like how did it get to be that you did become it? What do you think? 

Brad [00:11:46] Because that's what I focused on and that's where my energy was going. I kept telling myself, and I don't want to be lazy, I don't want to be lethargic. And that's exactly what the main focus is on you become. And so, like I said, I put all my focus on not being a couch potato, but it's like the mind. And I think there are some psychology studies on this too in the minds of not hear the word not yeah, don't become a couch potato. All the mind hears is I want to become a couch potato. I don't want to be grumpy, uptight, irritable. All the mind hears is I want to be uptight, grumpy and irritable. And then I just, you know, it flipped on me. What's the opposite of this? What is it that I really want to become? I want to be upbeat, optimistic, outgoing, energetic, you know, have more, more peppered my stuff and all of that. So it's it's it's a journey. But I've worked hard on, you know, transforming my my thoughts, my beingness and all of that, but it started from that moment. Yeah. Focus on what you want to become, not what you don't want to become. And most people are focused on what they don't want. The next one is their you know, they don't they don't want to be in a situation where they can't provide for their family. Well, what happens? They get in a situation where they can't provide for family. Most most people focus on what can go wrong versus what can go right. 

Keri [00:13:03] Yes. No, there is something and I want to say it was I don't know, I remember my husband talking about it from a narrow linguistic programing research and that not peace. You're right, people don't hear that. So how can you flip that to say, just like you said, like I am going to be active verses, I don't want to grow old and be a couch potato. And then what do you do? You crawl into your couch potato. So there is something very there is some scientific evidence on that, but not and even asking requests from people like if I remember this, what was it? It was like, if I don't want cheese on my hamburger and I'm like, This doesn't have cheese, right? And you're like, Yeah, because they kind of agree with it. And so you have to say it kind of the opposite way to kind of trick their brain and like this has cheese on it, right? And then if they say yes, you're like, no, no. But I didn't want cheese like you have to because you're brain. So you kind of falling into that not space. So that's really interesting. So now we're other people before the dog. And what's your dog's name? Who gave you the house?  

Brad [00:14:08] He passed away my sister a couple of years ago. But his name was Lucky. 

Keri [00:14:12] Lucky? Oh, my God. I love that. So was Lucky. So Lucky is like, man. So were there people before Lucky, Brad who were kind of telling you that you were grumpy and irritable and you just didn't hear them? Or it really was, Oh my God, it's the dog who gave me the first bit of feedback. 

Brad [00:14:29] Yeah. I mean, that's why I'm divorced. I mean, if I knew what I knew now, I wouldn't be divorced. But, yeah, a wife and a stepdaughter. They were telling me that all the time, and I just. Yeah. Actions speak louder than words, and I look back at some of my actions, and I'm like, Oh, my God, I can't believe I did that or said that or behave that way. But like I said, that's a long time ago, and I've worked hard to move on. Yeah. 

Keri [00:14:51] Yeah. So you heard that then the dogs kind of like the final straw. Lucky's like where I get your vibe and I'm not liking it. So they are like, I'm going to change. And so tell us a little bit about that journey of what's kind of the next step. So I think some people have that moment like that lightning bolt moment that you're speaking of, Brad, you're like, Oh my God, the dogs seem to talk to me. But then it's very easy to say, Well, okay, fine, and then kind of slip back. And so what did you do? Like within like a week? Brad Like take us through this. Our listeners can kind of follow your path, like what happened after you realized that Lucky wasn't a big fan that day there? 

Brad [00:15:34] Most people want to focus on the tangible, the physical things they can do. Like, you know, in my world, health, health coaching, like the diet and exercise, that's a very tangible thing. You know, you can open up a recipe book and learn a recipe and you can go to the store and buy foods or you can go to a gym or go outside, do some sort of movement walking or training at the gym or something. Those are very tangible things. But 90 I'd say probably 98% of this journey is, is on the intangibles. And what I mean by that is things like determination, perseverance, commitment, focus, courage, like you mentioned in the reCHARGE® teaching, and most people are not aware of that. So to answer your question, I don't know how I was able to do it, to be honest, but I got hyper determined, like my determination to become a better version of me and to finally become healthy made all the difference in the world. And the biggest, the biggest. This is what I tell everybody. The biggest decision you will ever make in your life, even for you, Carrie and Kelly, where you are right now is who do you want to be? And after that moment with you, I made this decision that I wanted to be healthy and everything in my life from that point, moving forward to this day focuses around that. Is this making me healthy or is that not making me healthy? And now I've learned to find balance in that over the years because I took a to, you know, to to a far extreme one way or the other. 

Keri [00:17:02] But, yes. 

Brad [00:17:03] Everything revolves around that one question who are you, who you choose to be? And I don't care where you are. So, like, even me, it's, it's taken me 13 years to understand this who I am, I healthy part of me. But now that I've understand that I quote unquote have mastered it and I'm at the effortless effort stage when it comes to healthy eating and exercise and all that stuff. I needed to raise the standards. I spent the last three months literally racking my brain and going in the meditation, okay, I need to move the bar. I'm at my new point. B, What is that? And so finally after some meditation, I was able to come up with my new point B what that is and what that looks like. And it has to be something that really aligns with you too. You can choose a point B, but if it doesn't align with you, if it doesn't light your eyes up or your voice, then you can tell it's you're you're climbing the wrong ladder, so to speak. 

Keri [00:17:56] Yeah. What did when you kind of, you know, who you want to become, how you said it was this, you know, you're still kind of working on it. It's always just have this work in progress. But how did you did you do a lot of meditation on figuring that out? Like how hard was that for you to say, okay, what do I want to become and not? And then you said the healthy part and then kind of starting to execute on it. 

Brad [00:18:23] Well, here's the key. You don't figure it out. It's already figured out for you. You allow the answer to be revealed to you in time. So all you have to do this. So back to your first question. I just ask my higher power any question I want. Okay. Who am I? And I try to figure out the answer. And it never works. It never works when I try to figure it out. But finally, about a week ago, I was just sitting on my couch, literally watching the Denver Broncos football game against the Seattle Seahawks. And it just came to me. And when it comes to you, like your heart shocker just opens up and the energy just flows unlike anything that I can explain in words or really that's so. So asked that question. Who am I? Who do I choose to be? And don't don't try to answer it. Don't figure it out. Just let. Again, it's a higher power type thing. So let your higher power serve that for you. Because I guarantee your mind has a very narrow, limited range of thinking. You're able to think to the nth degree, whereas the universe is able to think to the infinite degree. Hmm. So. So when I chose to be healthy, that just came to me like I was literally eating a spinach salad one day. You know, this was a few weeks after after the incident with my dad and saying, oh, my God, this is who I want to be. I want to be this healthy person and everything just focused around that. But again, one side, you're always evolving in life. So once I get over the last 13 years, I've had to regrow. And what's the word? Reformat myself, I guess. So I started asking that question again over the course of the last two or three months, as as who am I? And I can tell when you try to answer that question, if it doesn't feel right, you feel like you're out of alignment. Things just don't work out how they're supposed to. So like I said, I was sitting on my couch last week and the answer just came to me that and I'll tell you. So my next, my next point be my next. Who I choose to be is a servant of God. And that's my mission in life. Moving forward is to serve God. And however, whatever way that works, I kind of have some, some ideas of how that's going to play out. Yeah. Base for me. But that's what it's all about, being a servant of God to, you know, serve humanity. And so it's not about, you know, some people get caught up in this idea of, you know, life is about more is but that's a different definition for everybody. And like I said, I'll try to figure that out or answer it. Let's let the universe answer that for you. And there's there's an infinite number of ways to, you know, be yourself and to serve humanity. You two are doing it with this podcast right now. So my life is to the point now I don't. Okay, so here's I'll go deep here for a second. I don't know. I don't make it to do list at all anymore. My to do list is based on I wake up every morning and like or before I go to bed. It's like, what's next? God, what's next? That's what I do. And like, God puts it in my heart that, Oh, I got to write this paper. Oh, I got to call this company or Oh, I got to do this. And again, it's choosing faith over fear. Sometimes it's like a scary roller coaster ride, like, God, what are you doing with me? Where are we going? Here. But again, that's where you learn to. I mean, trust, trust and faith. Like, I mean, look who's look who's driving in the driver's seat. And there's never been a situation where it's not worked out. So that's why I really very rarely worry about too much anymore. And admittedly, that's a little easier for me because it's just me and I live a very minimalist, sustainable lifestyle. So I have very few bills and my expenses are very well. So it's, it's a little easier for me. But at the same time, I see so many people worry, you know, they always choose fear over faith. I got all these people, I should be careful with this part, but who, you know, speak the word of God and all that. And then as soon as something goes wrong, they, you know, they're hitting the tear gas pedal like crazy. That's like. Well, wait a second. Let's walk your talk. Yeah. 

Keri [00:22:21] Yeah, yeah. That I read. I was just thinking when you said I don't have a to do list, I'm like, half the people just will stop and go, what? It was like the brake, you know, the the car is going in reverse now. You're like, wait, what did he just say? He doesn't have a to do list. But I think what I what I gathered from you just that that patience of is a constant evolving and that patience of asks the question because even in research in the scientific community, just asking the question changes. The conversation doesn't matter what the answer is. The fact that you've asked a question in the scientific community means you're changing the conversation and you're getting people to think a different way. And so I just I really love how that patience and I know I need it. I know Kelley needs it. So I always appreciate we always learn so much from our guests and just that patience and do you really and the question Brad so many of us made have it to do list and like you might. If a kid or a spouse or something like that and there's some other stuff. But is it all necessary? Even asking that question, is it all necessary to do is it all necessary to do it immediately? And and what kind of answers can you kind of wait on? And that just constant evolution that you're talking about. Right. And asking those questions of who do you want to be? And I love your plan B is you're like, I've learned you're such a great example of what opening up yourself to a higher power and then wanting to help others do it. It's just so beautiful. So thank you. I really appreciate it that you've shared your story. 

Brad [00:24:01] It's an easier right. Let me give you a very quick example of how this works. Yeah. World. So I was again what's next? God, what's next? So literally I wrote five health and wellness curriculums and you know, anywhere from 100 to 150 pages, pretty extensive curriculums. And so I asked God, okay, what's next? And I went to my thinking, man, okay, I've written all these curriculums, okay? It makes sense to start, you know, selling and marketing these. And, you know, from a logical standpoint, again, God is illogical in the realm of the universe and higher power does not work from what we call common sense or logic. So that's why I try to even go beyond that. But in my logical brain I'm thinking, okay, I need to start selling and marketing these to, you know, make some money and get some income coming in and get these out to help more people. But I didn't I didn't stick to that. So I again, I'm asking the question, okay, what's next? God, what's next? And I'm coming. This is about, I don't know, two months ago and I'm coming back from my morning run with with my new rescue dog now. And I got about 50 yards from my, my minimalist trailer RV thing that I live in and God, literally, I mean, hit me over the head with a two by four and the answer I got was put it all in a book. Hmm. I had no it was not on any goal. No vision board, no anything to write a book. And literally, I mean, it hit me. So, you know, when you get that clarity, it just hit so hard. It's just like, oh, my God. So I spent the next week reformatting and taking all this curriculum. And and now I've got almost a 300 page book that's being reviewed right now waiting to be published that I never in a million years thought I was going to write this book. But that's like I said, our our logical mind has a very narrow way of thinking and the universe has a much an infinite way of thinking. I never in a million years would have thought to write a second book, and like I said, it was a not on any vision board, it was not on any goal, anything like that. It's just a turning, turning, turning everything over to a higher power and asking that question, what's next? 

Keri [00:26:04] Yeah, and I think to Brad, you're so open because again, people might get hit by the lightning bolts and still and then ignore it. And I think for you, it's such a beautiful story about just being open to these possibilities and not saying to yourself, well, I never thought I would do it, therefore I'm not going to do it to your original. I don't want to be grumpy. And I am. And it's like this beautiful thing. I know that Kelly and I never thought I'd start my own company. And now here we are, never thought of podcast. Now here we are. And so that being open to possibilities and opportunities that present themselves, it's just a beautiful lesson. So Brett, I know you gave us the your kind of three actions, but I want to because now we've heard so much more. Can you just re-emphasize those those three for our listeners? Because I was asking who you are, but I just wanted you to put a fine point on them at the end. 

Brad [00:27:00] Yeah, absolutely. So I have a vision for your life of who you want to become. That's the question. Who are you? Ask that question and allow the answer to be revealed to you. The second part of that then, is your mindset to focus on that aspect of who you want to become. Focus. Focus on who you want to become. Always choose faith over share. Always choose trust over a lack of trust. Always choose abundance over scarcity in terms of your mindset. And then the third one is just understand your why. Why are you here? Why are you on this planet? 

Keri [00:27:35] Oh, sorry. Go ahead, Brad. 

Brad [00:27:37] That's a question again. Don't try to answer these questions. Don't try to figure it out. It's already figured out for you. Just allow the answer to be revealed to you and time it will be. That's where I know any question I ask will be the answer will be revealed. It's just a matter of time. Sometimes it's right away, sometimes it's a couple days later, sometimes it takes two or three months. You just keep asking for the answers revealed. 

Keri [00:27:58] Yes, I love that. And Kelly, I know I'm getting a little itchy with my I know we have to be more patient, Kelly. And we talk about this all the time. And I just I love listening to Brad because I'm like, be more patient, Kerry, because answers do come in sometimes you want it to come in a week, Brad, To your point. But then stuff just doesn't happen until it's ready. And Kelly and I say this a lot. So the logical bring knows that. But sometimes inside I'm impatient and I just want it to happen. But sometimes it just. It takes a while. So I don't know, Kel, what I can. I feel like I could read your mind, Kelly, out of the patients one. But what do you think? 

Kelly [00:28:38] Well, we live in such an instant gratification society to where things happen quickly, and we have a high sense of urgency. And it doesn't always. A lot of what you're speaking to, Brad, it's so beautiful and it requires a lot of patience on our part, to Keri's point and your point as well. And it requires a lot of it. It requires an outside influence that isn't within our control. And so for those people like myself, I'll just candidly use myself who struggle with. Relinquishing control, which is obviously nothing is really in our in our control but who have a high sense of urgency and want have this sense of instant gratification, whatever. How would you approach someone who wants to follow your your lead and and and employ your wisdom because it is just that it's wisdom. How would you encourage them to take the first step? 

Brad [00:29:38] Be who you are. Be who you are. And so I'll throw you two for a loop. Right now, it's not patience you need at all. It's love. Love is who you are. Love who everyone is. Everybody on this planet is made up of this core energy called love. And our job is to share love. And when you share love and love and our love patients automatically happens. Awareness, energy, all that automatically happened. So what I would tell anyone is just be who you are authentically and share that with the world. 

Kelly [00:30:12] Well, it's it's a it's a lovely sentiment, I think, to one of the things that you you remind us of is one of the core themes that comes from this podcast, which is self-awareness. And I think you. I think chief among them really personify what it means to be self-aware, probably almost on a daily basis, I would imagine, because you're having these conversations with yourself, I would say probably daily. Right. 

Brad [00:30:42] Uh, so most people write a to do list. I focus on a "to be" list. I spend 5 minutes, roughly 10 minutes every morning focusing on who I am being and allow those feelings inside of who I am. Mostly joy and energy and peace to really resonate within me. And then everything else just kind of stems forward from that. Life's not about what we do, it's about who we are. And everybody focuses on what we're doing and they think the happiness comes from from doing something. But trust me, it does. And I there is a I've pretty much done it all. I've traveled the world, I've done seminars, I've coached people. I mean, you can't have a more incredible life than what I have. But for a good chunk of that, I was still miserable and unfulfilled because I thought my happiness was dependent on what I did. You know, even doing your passion, if you think if I do my passion, I'll be happy, you know, that's like a drug that lasts for only so long. And that could be, you know, a couple of weeks or months or years or something. But eventually that's going to wear out. Happiness is dependent on who you are being. And if I could tell everyone, everyone on this planet, I'd like to say this. Here's a good closing thing. We all have the same purpose on this planet, and that's to be who we are and who we are as this beacon of love. And so share your love with the world. And how we share our love is different for everybody. Of course, like Keri and Kelly are doing it with your business in your podcast. Some people do it as a lawyer, some people do it as a teacher. Some people do it as a military soldier. You know, they think that's that's their way. But be your true, authentic self and share that with the world. And that's where happiness comes from and that's where sustainable happiness and peace. You can probably hear my voice. I mean, I'm very a very calm place in life right now. Like I said, always, always choose faith over fear. I always choose love over fear. I always choose knowing over I'll even say hope, don't hope something will happen. Know that it will happen. That's how the universe works. 

Kelly [00:32:48] Well, thank you so much for sharing. I love the concept of the "to be" list. It's completely shifted my mindset for sure. Thank you so much for it. And just curious, at the top of our podcast, you had shared or I had shared in your as part of your bio that you speak three languages. What are the languages you speak? And was this part of your journey? 

Brad [00:33:11] Yes, it was definitely all part of my journey. So I speak probably intermediate level now, but German, Filipino, Tagalog and Japanese. And then I can make my way through a couple other languages, Thai, Norwegian and Cambodian language. I can I know enough phrases and words to maybe get myself out of trouble. Maybe. 

Kelly [00:33:34] Fascinating. Wow. Fascinating. I mean, just what is testimony to. From all the travel? 

Brad [00:33:43] Yeah, from all my travels. Yeah. 

Kelly [00:33:46] Fascinating. I mean, what a testimony to the perseverance that you've had to. To change yourself from being the person who Lucky was looking at on the couch saying, What are you going to do with yourself? Like, I can't even to becoming the person you are today who is helping people change their lives and figure out who they want to be. I can't imagine how fulfilling it is to help people see themselves on their journeys to becoming the individuals that they want to be going forward. 

Brad [00:34:19] Yeah, if I could. Since I'm in the Bible Belt here, I'll throw out this real quick. Everybody always says here, Well, what would Jesus do? And I always say, It's not what Jesus would do. It's who Jesus was. Who would He be, be who Jesus was. Jesus was a beacon of light for the world or a beacon of love for the world of light, of love for the world. Be like Jesus. Don't do like Jesus. Be like Jesus. Everything Jesus did emanated from a place of love, not fear. So. Maybe the change, be the source, be who you are, which is a beacon of love for the world. 

Kelly [00:34:51] Thank you so much, Brad. We so appreciate you sharing your story with us and being so vulnerable. I think that's one of the most powerful, powerful reasons why we do this podcast. And so your story is just one of the many reasons why we love what we do. And so thank you for having the courage to share your story. I know it's been a beacon of inspiration for myself, and I know it will be for others. So we encourage everyone to connect with Brad. We'll include all of Fred's contact information, all of his Instagram, YouTube channel, podcast information on our show notes. So please make sure that you check out those show notes in our episode for more information. Thank you again for joining our podcast and for sharing your your lovely story with us today. We're very grateful for you. 

Brad [00:35:40] Yeah, absolutely. Thank you both very much for having me. This has been a blessing and a pleasure and an honor to be here today. 

Kelly [00:35:47] Thank you. Thank you for listening to the Recharge Your Life podcast. Please sign up for our newsletter at Abbracci and follow us on social media. You can find us on LinkedIn at Abbracci Group. Instagram at WarriorsofHR and Twitter at Warriors_HR. Remember to subscribe to our podcast. Leave a review and please tell a friend and be sure to drop us a note on how you are recharging your life. We can't wait to hear from you.